Sunday, October 23, 2011

"News from Disney" Merges into "A World View"

Dear Readers,

Back in September 2010 I started the "News from Disney" blog as a means of sharing stories from the public information departments of Walt Disney World and other Disney destinations. The intent was to separate the articles I personally author and post in my primary Disney trip planning blog -- A World View -- from the series of general information stories provided by the Disney company itself.

Then over time, I started adding other topical blogs about Disney and in particular, Disney Contests & Sweepstakes. Well, I've finally gotten to the point of not being able to manage information updates on all the web sites (not a real surprise), and a little consolidation was clearly in order.

It was the Disney Contests & Sweepstakes website that finally made the decision for me. It is so popular (way more than any other I'm managing), that any time I had available for "News from Disney" dwindled; and in fact, my Disney Desktop Wallpaper and Photo Library blog has also suffered from lack of attention.

In order to maintain the information sharing I think important to building readership, I'll be posting what was previously on "News from Disney" onto "A World View" beginning immediately. I am also investigating a move to having my own website and web address rather than the Google blog format, and then moving over the Wallpaper and Photo Library resources to that new site. But this will take a little time and development, particularly since there are several new features I am planning as well, on a new consolidated web page.

So, for those who have been reading "News from Disney", THANK YOU; and please check out "A World View" for the latest news on Walt Disney World and other Disney destinations.

Have a magical day,
Bruce Brodsky

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